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Specifically Designed to Help Achieve Tighter-Looking Skin

BeautyBum® is an advanced transdermal toning lotion that helps promote tighter, firmer and toner looking skin to the specific area of the body. This advanced formula has been developed to work on the selected body part of your choice and works to help give remarkable results.

How BeautyBum® Works

Once it reaches the skin, BeautyBums® active cosmetic ingredients go to work to provide firm looking skin. With the regular use of this lotion the appearance of lipid tissue will shrink, leaving your skin looking smoother, slimmer and healthier.

BeautyBum® with DermaCore®

BeautyBum® with DermaCore® represents an outstanding breakthrough in reducing the look of cellulite. DermaCore® is made up of a synergistic combination of ingredients specially formulated with our targeted advanced delivery system.

One study showed that DermaCore® helped reduce the appearance of cellulite in 63% of participants, thigh perimeter up to 3.1cm and skin roughness (orange peel) in 78.9% of participants. DermaCore® improved the appearance of the skin for 95% of the subjects and left the skin soft and moisturized for 100% of the subjects.


The aim of any delivery system is to increase stability of the ingredients and minimize adverse reactions caused by some active principles.

Target is the solution

BeautyBum® ingredients target the right area of the skin and body so that less active concentration is needed to achieve a higher efficiency.

Wait, there is something else...

BeautyBum® Advanced Formula is Specifically Designed to help you achieve the appearance of tones and tightened skin.

► Fights Signs Of Bumpy Looking Skin Areas

BeautyBum® helps smooth, tone and firm the appearance of cellulite-prone areas.

► Increased Appearance of Firmness And Elasticity

► Contains Beta And Alpha Hydroxy Acids

which decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

So what are your options?

Do absolutely nothing if you like your orange peel texture.

Spend many dollars on products that might not leave you fully satisfied.

Try the exclusive advanced formula of BeautyBum® with DermaCore®.

Imagine your life after a successful fight against the appearance of cellulite with a significant improvement on your skin.

Now those dreams can come true.

Turn back the clock to the younger looking you with BeautyBum®

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